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JAPAN -  since 1996

In 1996 Sakado city-based Seishi Tsuta started bottling Scottish single malts for the Japanese market after several years of working in the liquor industry in Europe and Japan. Initially Acorn bottled Single Malts mostly from Islay, Speyside and the Highlands. Over the past 20 years, Acorn has gained global recognition for their boutique-y approach and the brand is now firmly established as one of the leading Japanese bottlers (of which there are only about a dozen). Today Acorn exports to Australia, Europe and Taiwan (amongst others) and commands over a broad portfolio encompassing a great number of Scotish distilleries (and one Chichibu). Their number of Whiskies will soon reach 150 and Acorn's releases include a 17 & 24yo Port Ellen, a 39yo Springbank, a 28yo Macallan and many many more. Mr Tsuta has a great eye for detail and over the past 20 years has built up an extensive network of contacts with some of the leading Scottish distilleries.

In 2014 Mr Tsuta opened the Whisky Plus store in Tokyo that has since become a 'Mekka' for lovers of whisky and - in particular - celebrates the work of Independent Bottlers around the world.  

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