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Australia - since 1999

One independent bottler enjoying global recognition is Australia's Tim Duckett with his 'Heartwood Tasmania' series of Whisky. Freed from the 'shackles' of tradition, Tim is a maverick who re-invents the trade of bottling, blending and 'massaging' the flavour profiles of his drams with unconventional methods at his Hobart warehouse. Tim, who in a former life worked as Environmental Scientist has an approach to maturing whisky that is unparalleled elsewhere in the world and it helps him to develop a distinctive 'Heartwood' style of bold and expressive whisky. Typically coming in high cask strength between 63 and 72% ABC, Heartwood releases are exclusively based on Australian and NZ new make. Tim releases about 8-12 Single Cask Whiskies as well as some blends (The Beagle) per year in low quantities. Most of those are aged between 8-12 years. 

Anyone following a whisky's journey will immediately appreciate the transparency displayed by Heartwood. Tim beautifully tells the stories how nothing goes without setbacks. One is left waiting to find out how the maestro still manages to bring the best to the fore. Often a reference to these stories can be found in the naming of Heartwood whiskies which is somewhat unconventional. 

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