Adams Distillery

Perth, Tasmania


Adams Distillery is located on a large private property at the outskirts of Launceston, Tasmania’s second largest city. It is the venture of Adam Saundes and Adam Pinckard who, driven by their joint passion for whisky, established it in mid 2016 with the initial intention to locate the distillery in the heart of Launceston. Due to a number of complications with local council they decided to move to Perth (not to be confused with the West Australian capital) as the boundary conditions seemed far more favourable and the rural environment providers opportunities to operate more integrated with the local setting.  

From the get-go the two Adams have been strategic about their venture. Starting with a base shed that hosts the distillery and the bonded warehouse, they have plans to expand production capability and potentially offer visitors a ‘distillery experience’ in the not too distant future. The two individually gas-fired stills in the centre of the distillery offer a particular first impression to any visitor. The bonded warehouse consists of one open space (also home to their larger barrels), a more secluded tasting room/small (20l) barrel area, and a gallery space where many of the differently-sized (50-100l) barrels are maturing. One can see the large number of individual cask-owners who have signed up to a barrel-maturation program in the past (this is set up very professionally). Adam Distillery seems to be on a roll. With only one year in production (meaning that it’s going to take at least one more year before their first whisky can be bottled), they already attract a great number of supporters with their Barrel-fill program. Next to income from these bonded barrels, the fanbase for their ‘Adams Gin’ provides additional income that helps them to grow their business.

During my visit I was able to taste some of their rich, oily new make, as well as some spirit that had aged in barrels for 6-8 months.  Needless to say, the professionalism and passion of both Adams shines through at every bit of their enterprise. It is somewhat hard to believe these two manage to set their distillery up whilst still working their ‘day-jobs’.  We are sure going to see great things coming from the Adams boys and once their first bottles hit the market, they are surely set to become a force to be reckoned with on the Australian Whisky scene.



Distillery Contact

T: +61 459 479 040,  E:

35 Drummond St, Perth TAS 7300, AUSTRALIA