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Antique Lions of Spirits

GERMANY/ITALY -  since 2016

Guess what happens when three of Europe’s foremost Whisky-geeks get together and decide to go bonkers on a super-limited release series of the best drams they can get their hand on! Right – something exceptional for sure!

The Antique Lions of Spirits bottlings are a pan-European collaboration between Italian Whisky bottler Diego Sandrin at Lions, Silver Seal's Massimo (Max) Righi Via his shop Whisky Antique, and German  Jens Drewitz from Sansibar. In 2016 they released a very limited series of six different fabulous drams, all sprouting a gorgeous bird motif. The choice of labels for the drams is no coincidence; it is a reference to a highly-sought after series of bottles by Italian liquor merchant ‘Moon Import’ who used nature-motives from the renowned Italian ‘Maestro Mongiardino’ in the 80s and 90s.

The 2016 release was followed by a similarly impressive release of 6 bottles (this time with butterfly motif) in 2017. The 'hybrid' independent label clearly caters for the upper market of whisky aficionados and collectors. Needless to say the critics are raving about the ALOS drams and you better be quick and have deep pockets to get your hands on those.

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