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NETHERLANDS -  since 2011

Archives is the independent label started in 2011 by members of the renowned Dutch online portal 'Whiskybase' who offer the most comprehensive compendium of data regarding Whisky releases (and in many cases also ratings) globally. According to Whiskybase's own words it wasn't easy for the custodians of the online whisky portal to get a foot in the door of Scottish distillers and brokers. Yet, their in-depth knowledge of the industry and their extensive global network has assisted them in releasing over 100 exclusive bottlings so far. These contain mostly Scottish and Irish Single Casks/Malts at cask strength, as well as a small number of blends (mostly Speyside).

Archives whisky is uncoloured and unadulterated; it typically contains an age statement and it comes in three different labels: Their 'Inaugural' and numbered releases, their 'Fishes from Samoa' bottlings, and their more recent 'Echinoderms from Australia' whiskies. Archives whiskies get released via the Whiskybase website and they prove to be immensely popular.

Serge Valentin recently commented on one of their Speyside releases: these are the best whiskies you can find these days.

Due to its popularity, many Archive bottlings sell out shortly after their release and some can still be found on the secondary market or with specialist retailers

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