SCOTLAND - since 1842

Any introduction to the world of independent bottlers wouldn't be complete without Cadenhead. As one of the most diverse and longest established traders (it is listed as Scotland’s oldest independent bottler), Cadenhead has just celebrated its 175 birthday. Run initially as a family business until 1972, it is since owned by J & A Mitchell, who also own the Springbank distillery in Campbelltown.  Cadenhead are very well connected across the Whisky industry: They are educators, whisky proponents and they run their own shops and distribution channels across Europe. Such 'muscle' allows them to experiment and expand their range well beyond 4000 releases.

Their portfolio (which also includes Rum and other spirits) has an impressive line-up of Scottish Single Malts, blends, but also 'exotic' releases such as their 'World Whiskies' series which is - among others - home to Australia's oldest Whisky: a 21 yo Cradle Mountain. Distillers bottled by Cadenhead are too many to mention. In celebration of their 175th anniversary and as a nod to their shops, Cadenhead commissioned a 'Shopcask' series where each shop was sent a set of barrel samples in order to select their favourite. For each shop a 'winner' was chosen and bottled with the specific location marked on the labels. The entire series is now being sold through the shops.

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