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Compass Box

SCOTLAND -  since 2000

What sets Compass Box apart from other independent bottlers is the fact that it operation goes far beyond the sourcing and bottling of high-quality Whisky. Instead Compass Box should be seen as a 'blending house' where the art of matching complementing drams to create a symphony of flavours gets celebrated.  American John Glaser is the crafty director of the Compass Box orchestra and he has been selecting exceptional barrels and growing his stock of fine malt and grain whisky since the company was founded in 2000. After the blending process the resulting whiskies are often matured further in order to enhance their character and flavour-profile.

Compass Box whiskies are released in different product lines, the most renown being their 'Signature Range' with their award-winning Hedonism, Spice Tree, or Peat Monster releases.  Limited Releases complement this line-up of standard outings. Compass Box takes risks and looks for novel ways to introduce their clients to a broad spectrum of Whisky flavours. In recent years Compass Box was in the news for their stand against the Scotch Whisky Association in regard to the transparency associated to releasing detailed information of the individual components of their blends (which stands in contrast to the association's rules).

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