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Duncan Taylor

SCOTLAND – since 2001/1938

Initially operating as a a cask-broker and spirits-trading company since 1938, Duncan Taylor was transformed into a 'modern' bottler of Whisky, Rum and Gin, after Euan Shand bought the company in 2001. With over 2000 releases under their belt, Duncan Taylor run a highly successful outfit, with different labels/brands under their banner, such as 'Octave' (with second maturation in one-eighth size Octave casks), Whisky Galore, Dimensnions, or Rare Auld. 

Having access to the stock of the original brokers provides Duncan Taylor with the ability to bottle whiskies well over 30-40 years old from the most renowned Scottish distilleries. This includes their 'Black Bull' blends, a range they have been associated with since the beginning.  

Duncan Taylor continues to impress with their recently launched 'Single' range of immaculately matured Single Malt and Single Grain Whiskies.

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