SCOTLAND/JAPAN – since 1989

Kingsbury is a Scottish/Japanese company founded by Katsuhiko Tanaka in Aberdeen opening an office in London later on. A connection to Springbank resulted in a collaboration with their bottling-arm Cadenhead from whom they sourced some of their initial releases. Since its beginnings, Kingsbury had the mission to release exclusive Scottish Single Malts on the Japanese market via Tokyo-based the 'Japan Import System' company who distribute their drams.  The sole focus on the Japanese market has seen some changes in recent years as the quality of Kingsbury bottlings has become widely known around the globe. Despite their key focus on the Japanese market, their Whiskies are now available globally. There are a number of different series offered via the label, such as the 'Celtic Series', 'Finest and Rarest', Kingsbury Gold - their Cask Strength releases, Kingsbury Silver for limited releases, and their 'Selection' drams.  

During their almost 30 years of existence, Kingsbury has always been highly selective about the distilleries/brokers they work with and casks they choose. Of the 200+ releases so far, many enjoy a cult status such as some late 70s/80s Islay Whiskies and Longmorn drams. In recent years Kingsbury increasingly focuses on the particularly characteristics of the vintage of their drams, which is reflected by the highly-visible imprint of the vintage on their labels.

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