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GERMANY – since 2011

Maltbarn is a boutique independent bottler with a keen eye for quality and excellence. Martin Diekmann is the driving force behind this venture and the whiskies from his family-run business from Germany are in high demand. Martin is a Whisky advocate who combines great sensitivity in selecting casks with an equal attention to looking after his customers. Maltbarn drams can now be found all around their world (the label recently also released a special bottling for the Japanese Liquor giant Shinanya). Via the beautiful designed labels, Martin brings some coastal North-sea flair into our lives as all images on the labels are from within or around his property.

Maltbarn bottles predominantly Scottish Single Malts as well as some blended Irish and Scottish Whiskeys. Next to their standard 700ml bottle size, Maltbarn also offers 2cl and 4cl samples of their bottlings for people sample the quality of their products.  They have a fan in Whiskyfun's Serge (… 'Maltbarn, another seal of quality') who regularly rates the eclectic offerings from Maltbarn in their high 80s and 90s.

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