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SCOTLAND – since 2010

A subsidiary of the Meadowside Blending Company, Glasgow-based ' the Maltman' has made waves in the whisky industry since their launch in 2010. In the period from 2010-17, the bottler has released around 200! bottles, mainly from well-known Scottish distilleries.

A relative 'newcomer' in the independent bottler world, The Maltman can nevertheless rely on decades of experience by Scotch whisky veteran Donald Hart (previously from Hart Brothers) who works with this son Andrew to select the whiskies of this family firm. The Maltman is best known for their releases of rare and aged Ben Nevis, Bruichladdich, Bunnahabhain, Ledaig, Glenlossie, Linkwood , Mortlach or Tobermory, all of which are single cask editions with small batch numbers.

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