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North Star

SCOTLAND – since 2016

Calling it "the new kid on the block" would probably best describe North Star's incredible rise to one of the top independent bottlers today. Then again such 'stellar' performance doesn’t quite occur accidentally in the world of whisky.

Ian Croucher who spearheads North Star is by no means a newcomer to the scene as anyone who ever tasted any of his releases would soon attest. Ian has extensive experience as bottler and whisky broker having worked at the A.D. Rattray group. In 2016 Ian decided to go solo - starting off with a bang and approximately 8-9 releases. First reviews came back with a lot of love from the likes of Serge Valentin (Whiskyfun) or Dave Broom (Scotchwhisky). Most North Star releases are Scottish Single Malts, but they have now also released a few blends from undisclosed distilleries (e.g. Vega) as well as a Tennessee Bourbon. Some of these are younger 8+ years drams whereas others (such as one of their Bunnahabhain) can get up to 30 years. As part of their second release in 2017 North Star took the unusual step to introduce a PX Sherry, finished in Islay casks.  North Star has hit the floor running with incredible momentum. Their releases are now available globally and their stellar rise seems to have only started.

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