Rest & Be Thankful

SCOTLAND – since 2010

Owned by Eamonn Jones and Aidan Smith under their Foxfitzgerald venture, the business model of R&BT is somewhat different to those of most other independent bottlers. Instead of offering customers 'standard' bottlings of renowned distilleries at more competitive prices, R&BT have always looked for the 'out-of-the-ordinary' the 'odd cask out' one could also say. In other words, R&BT work with a small number of select distilleries (with a particular focus on Bruichladdich/Port Charlotte/Octomore) by chasing rare bottlings with an edge.

An in-depth knowledge about casks used for maturation and a good eye/nose for the unusual distinguishes R&BT releases from their Original Bottling counterparts from the distilleries.

Since their start in 2010, Eamonn and Aidan released approximately 50 whiskies under their label; quantity is surely not the main concern here. Not surprising R&BT bottlings can sometimes be more expensive than the similar-age bottles straight from the distillery. The distinguishing factor is the uniqueness of the whisky and its particular character that adds an extra dimension to what the original bottlers will offer.

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