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ITALY – since 1968

Samaroli bottlings enjoy a cult-status among Whisky (and Rum) enthusiasts and a lot of this status is due to the work of Silviano Samaroli who founded the company in Rome in 1968. Silvio (who sadly passed away recently)  sold his business in 2008, but remained involved. His spirit and great sense for high-quality cask-strength whisky form most of Scotland’s most renowned distilleries lives on. Some argue that Samaroli editions of these whiskies (Springbank, Ardbeg, Caol Ila, Longmorne or Jura - just to name a few) are the best ever bottled. 

Samaroli's success is certainly due to the hands-on approach Samaroli applied in advancing a whisky's by re-bottling it in specific casks over time to change its profile.

The particular bottle shape and labels of Samaroli spirits exude a sense of elegance and luxury; many have become collector's items and are highly sought-after. The man is gone, but the legacy continues…

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