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Bad Frankie

Melbourne,  AUSTRALIA

Bad Frankie is a Melbourne institution based on the vision of Sebastian Costello who wanted to open a bar with a specific focus on Australian craft spirits (mostly Gins, Whisky and Rum). To expand on the Australian theme, Seb complements his drinks menu with Jaffles (a local speciality) and the collection of exclusively Australian spirits has grown from a handful three years ago, to well over 150 today. Seb has become an ambassador for the local spirits industry and one is likely to find drams here that are not available anywhere else. 

Bad Fankies also hosts regular tasting sessions and there was a special occasion on the day of the DramFan visit: Themed as 'Half-baked' a group of 4 young Australian distilleries presented their new make and young spirits. Kristy Booth-Lark from Killara was flying the Tasmanian flag jointly with Adam Pinkard and Adam Saunders from Adams Distillery. Dean Druce from Corowa and Martin Pye from Riverbourne both represented New South Wales. For most of them, it was the first time they had their drams on taste in a public setting. 

Bad Frankie offered the best possible backdrop for this exciting event and the young spirits - hand in hand with the stories of their makers - were highly enjoyable. So when in Melbourne, go make your way to Fitzroy and check out all the Australian delights on offer. 

Bad Frankie was recently named 'Small Bar of the Year (2017)', a title they truly deserve! Thumbs up from DramFan 


OPEN Sun/Tue/Wed 3pm-11p, Thu-Sat 3pm-1am

Bar Contact

T: +61 3 9078 3866, E:

141 Greeves Street Fitzroy 3065 VIC, AUSTRALIA

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