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Silver Seal

ITALY – since 2000 (1979)

Modena (IT) based Silver Seal's business model is somewhat different to most others as they put a lot of emphasis on an exclusive and personalised approach to retailing their releases of rare whisky and rum. Operating under the 'Sestante' label until 2000, the company was bought by Massimo (Max) Righi in 2010 and has released about 250 Whiskies.

As Whisky aficionado and collector-turned-bottler, Massimo knows what distinguishes exceptional drams from the rest. Silver Seal releases are rather exclusive and they typically catered for the upper-market. With support of the Sestante back-catalogue, Silver Seal commands over an impressive folio of aged Whiskies (some way beyond 30 years) of some of the most renowned Scottish distilleries (such as Brora, Macallan, Ardbeg, or Port Ellen). Back in 2014 Silver Seal also collaborated with Japan's Ichiro Akuto to bring out a Silver Seal Chichibu edition.

Massimo's passion for exclusive spirits goes beyond bottling as he operates 'Whisky Antique', one of Europe's foremost shops/online retailer for hard-to-find and exclusive drams.

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