The Whisky List goes live!

Finding whisky online and comparing prices among Australian Retailer has always been a difficult task. Until now that is. Today the ‘WhiskyList’ officially got launched! It is the labour of love by four whisky aficionados in Sydney (Chris Ross, Will Alphabet, Heath Lawrence, and Oliver Maruda) who got together a while ago to come up with a website that allows to find drams online in Australia and compare prices on the go.

To start with, they included 15 of the most common retailers, but more are to follow in the coming weeks and months. The site displays results in a clear and graphically engaging way, always showing the cheapest first and – where available – highlights the prices others charge for the same dram. There are about 2500 whiskies in the database already and their number is growing.

The team behind the website (which is set up as a non-commercial interface) are already planning new features and they are open to suggestions by the whisky-loving pubic on how to improve and expand the website’s capability.

The Whiskfind is not the first website that allows for comparing prices among different retailers, but it is the first to do so exclusively for the Australian Market (which makes it unique and particularly useful for us down under).

Well done Chris, Will, Heath and Oliver – great to browse through the catalogue and celebrate those who offer their drams at competitive prices!