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DramFest Christchurch, First Impressions

Last weekend the highly anticipated biennial DramFest at Christchurch’s Horncastle Arena kicked off the Whisky-event season in the Australian/New Zealand region. DramFan had their spies attending the event who provided this report:

This year’s event aimed high with over 57 stalls and an illustrious line-up of international visiting experts. Organised by NZ’s major liquor distributor ‘Whisky Galore’, Dramfest attracted up to 2000 attendees over 3 days.

Whisky Galore aimed high and managed to elevate the event from a mere whisky show to a fully-fletched festival that included performances, masterclasses and discussion rounds. The nature of the event was unparalleled and the concept attracted high-profile experts from the UK such as Ardbeg’s/Glenmorangie’s Bill Lumsden, Dave Broom, Charles MacLean, and many well-known distillers and bottlers.

The atmosphere on the floor was great and the spacious Honcastle arena provided a worthy backdrop over the 3 days of the event. The presence of independent bottlers next to the distillery representatives was particularly noticeable and some of the best drams of the event were coming from their corner.

Overall punters clearly enjoyed Dramfest in all its facets and seem keen to welcome back the world of whisky to NZ in two years’ time.

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