SCOTLAND – since 2012

That Boutique-y Whisky Company (given that's quite a mouthful often referred to as TBWC) has made big waves in the world of independent bottlers since its first release in 2012.

Apart from showcasing some of the industry's most exuberant labels (designed by Emily Chappell) of any whisky bottler, releases from TBWC is in high regard (and demand) due to their eclectic selection and focus on high quality releases. Such success did neither come overnight, nor is it a coincidence; it is rooted in decades of experience and supply-chain building by TBWC's parent company (the Atom Group). TBWC's network of distilleries and brokers is substantial and it forms the key ingredient to their ability to bottle rare and characteristic whiskies from renowned distilleries at high quality.  Starting with NAS statement bottlings initially, TBWC has (controversially in some cases) moved over to age statements in early 2016.

The TBCW annual Whisky Advent Calendar produced jointly with Drinks by the Dram has become a fixum in the annual Whisky-lover calendar, and their Blend #1 won 'best blend' at 2015's World Whisky Awards.

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