The Interval at Long Now

(San Francisco, USA)

Setting foot for the first time in San Francisco’s ‘The Interval’ one can’t escape the Industrial feel and a sense of Cyberpunk. One of the key culprits for this sensation is no other than Danny Hillis, board member of the Long Now foundation. As it happens, Danny is an inventor and clock fetishist; his mechanical parts and complex assemblies are omnipresent at the venue, either as display items, or integrated into the custom-built fitout of the place.

The Interval is much more than a bar. Located at Fort Mason, an ex-military complex located at San Francisco’s waterfront, it is a library, a museum, a gathering place, and a ‘bottle reserve’. Once one’s gaze has absorbed all the exquisite machinery on display, the next thing that catches attention is the collection of spherically-shaped bottles suspended above the bar. These private bottlings of whisky and gin (The Bottle Reserve) are owned by supporters of the Long Now Foundation and were made possible by Alameda’s ‘St.George Spirits’.

The drinks menu isn’t your ordinary list of Cocktails, wine and beer, but The Interval works with drinks historians to unearth long-lost recipes or craft specific mixes based on a theme or historic reference. All in all, the Interval is an experience not to be missed. It seems to encapsulate the start-up spirit of the Bay Area like no other place and one is likely to run into creative minds who will share their ‘out-thre’ ideas over dram or two.


OPEN DAILY 10am-12am

Venue Contact

T: +1 415-496-9187, E:

2 Marina Blvd. Building A, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, CA 94123, USA