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The  whisky  Agency

GERMANY – since 2008

German Independent Bottler 'The Whisky Agency' stands out from the pack as their approach to bottling is highly inclusive and collaborative. As stated in the name, the Whisky Agency is less of a revenue-driven enterprises, but rather a group of Whisky enthusiasts who make an effort to bring the Water of Life to a wider audience.  Whisky Agency founders Carsten Ehrlich and Meike Schneider are involved in organising The Whisky Fair Limburg which is one of (if not) the most renowned Whisky festival in the world.

They frequently partner up with other bottlers, whisky retailers and bars to release 'joint bottlings'. The selection process behind Whisky Agency releases is a group effort. 'Drinkability' and high quality takes priority over any specific age or region when selecting casks and the Whisky Agency therefore has a broad folio of younger and more aged expressions from a variety of Scottish distilleries. As stated on their website, the key motivation behind the work of the Whisky Agency team is to bottle Whiskies that they like to drink themselves. So far the level of success and public recognition proves this concept right and their global collaborations have made the WA a global force with a number of sub-labels such as  PERFECT DRAM, LIQUID LIBRARY, LIQUID SUN AND PRIVATE STOCK

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