Tin Shed - Iniquity

Welland, South Australia


On a recent trip to Adelaide for a conference, the event turned out to be a bit so-so. What better thing to do than call up Tin-Shed distillery (producers of Iniquity) and check if they’re up for a visit. Of course they were! Tin Shed founders Ian Schmidt and Vic Orlow were very welcoming on the phone and in person; they were right in the middle of mashing some barley when I arrived. The distillery is a typical Australian gem, located in an industrial area of Adelaide it is – at first sight - not really a distillery, but a flagpole business. It provides one of the most interesting settings with equipment (such as the mash tun) all on wheels so it can make way for the flagpoles to be moved in and out.

Ian and Vic are two warm-hearted passionates who take me through their production process and grab a few barrel-samples for me. As some might know, Ian and Vic are distilling veterans who founded Iniquity after several years of service at ‘Southern Coast Distillery’ (long story best told elsewhere). Ian tells me how he got into distilling via his father (who ran his grandfather’s ‘private’ still) and, spurned by his wife, who told him flagpoles required too much heavy lifting. The bond-store is located on the right hand side of the shed close to the entrance, the stills are on a podium level above the office.

Iniquity isn’t set up for mass-production, but for quality craft distilling. Ian tells me that at some point the flagpole business will go and he will dedicate his time entirely to whisky. Looking at the barrels aging in the bond-store it become obvious that the vicinity to the South Australian wine-regions pays off. Iniquity experiments with port, sherry and Pedro Ximenes barrels. They use local sphagnum peat in some of their releases to enhance the flavor of their drams. I was lucky to get a barrel sample (among others) of Iniquity release No #08 which displayed these very unusual peat characteristics.

Iniquity typically bottle at 46% ABV/Vol for their silver series, but they also have a highly limited Gold series that clocks in at 61%. 

So when in Adelaide, ‘do yourself a favour’ and call these guys up – you won’t regret it!



Distillery Contact

T: +61 412 445 043, E:

2/154 Fredrick Street, Welland, SA 5007, AUSTRALIA