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Whisky Nerds

NETHERLANDS – since 2014

Currently traded as 'the hottest ticket in town' the Dutch WhiskyNerds outfit have the smallest portfolio of all independent bottlers on this site, but nevertheless deserve a mention.  

Meeting during Bram's 8-year stint as Chairman of the Dutch Usquebaugh Society, Bram van Glabbeek and Floris Kooistra founded Whiskynerds in 2014. The Usquebaugh Society had started bottling under their label, but it wasn't until 2015 when the first offical Whiskynerds bottle (a 19yo Glendronach) arrived. This was followed by a Kavalan Peaty Cask and an Invergordon 1972 and further down the track by 3 Inchmurrin bottlings (Law/Order/Executive) in 2017. The Whiskynerds ended the year with a bang, releasing their 21yo Springbank in December. All their bottlings have received raving reviews by the experts, who also praise the highly selective WhiskyNerd approach as Whiskynote's Ruben explains: 

Instead of working on a steady flow of whisky, they are only bottling the really great ones, not hesitating to patiently wait for months if nothing happens to cross their path.

The future looks certainly bright for this eclectic team!

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